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Our programs, crafted by industry experts, offer intensive, skill-focused training that prepares you for real-world challenges. Within weeks, not years, you’ll gain the specialized skills and knowledge needed to excel in your chosen field. Our cutting-edge curriculum emphasizes practical experience and application, ensuring that you emerge not just as a graduate, but as a highly competent professional ready to make an immediate impact in your industry. Join us to transform your career and future.

Degrees & Certificates

At Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies, we offer various degrees and certificates tailored for real-world success. Our programs, designed by experts, equip students with advanced knowledge and practical skills, preparing them for leadership roles in their respective fields. Transform your future with us.


Explore our Associate degree programs, which provide a solid foundation in your field of interest, setting the stage for advanced study or immediate entry into a rewarding career.


Dive into our Bachelor’s degree programs, designed to offer comprehensive knowledge and skills, fostering both intellectual growth and professional readiness for a successful career path.


Advance your career with our Master’s degree programs, offering specialized expertise and research opportunities to prepare you for leadership positions in your field.


Embark on the pinnacle of academic achievement with our Doctorate programs, fostering innovative research and expert knowledge to address complex challenges in your discipline.


Enhance your professional profile with our Chaplain Certification programs, designed to provide you with industry-relevant skills and knowledge for immediate application and career advancement.


Elevate your spiritual leadership through our Ordination program, meticulously crafted to prepare you for ordained ministry with deep theological knowledge and practical pastoral skills.

Take Advantage of Affordable Tuition

At Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies, we believe in making higher education accessible and affordable for everyone. Our commitment to affordability ensures that students can take advantage of high-quality academic programs without the burden of excessive debt. We offer competitive tuition rates, comprehensive financial aid packages, and flexible payment options designed to fit your budget. By choosing us, you invest in your future without compromising your financial well-being. We aim to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed for success, supported by an economic framework that makes your educational journey achievable. Join us and transform your potential into reality.

Student Life

Work Life Balance

Our programs are designed with a work-life balance in mind, offering flexible scheduling and online learning options to seamlessly integrate your academic pursuits with personal and professional commitments.

Saving Time and Money

Maximize your education investment with our streamlined programs, designed to save you both time and money while delivering the skills and knowledge needed for career advancement.”

"The hands-on learning and supportive community at Chaplains College not only enriched my academic journey but also fast-tracked my career to heights I never imagined possible."

Chaplaincy Student
– 2020 Alumn – 

Scholarships & Financial Aide

Our scholarship commitment

We are dedicated to making education accessible to all, offering a range of scholarships that reflect our commitment to supporting students’ academic achievements and financial needs.

Ways to Save

Discover a variety of savings opportunities through our scholarships, grants, work-study programs, and flexible payment plans designed to make your educational journey more affordable.

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"Unlock Your Potential: Transform Today's Ambitions into Tomorrow's Achievements with Our World-Class Education."

Sean Alexander
Vice Chancellor – CCGS

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Juanita Moran
Senior Data Engineer

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Relational Branding Coordinator

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